Sarah Bird


Professional Business Writing Services


Sarah Bird

I am a professional business writer and editor with more than 30 years of experience working with large corporate organizations.

Based in the United Kingdom, my clients are located in the United States and Europe, so I am used to handling different time zones, company cultures—and grammatical preferences.

With a background in marketing in the IT sector, I have undertaken a variety of projects on topics as broad as digital transformation, cybersecurity, business operations and sustainability. I’ve also worked across a full a range of industries such as banking, consumer goods, public services or energy.

Deliverables are diverse. I am well-versed in producing thought leadership reports from global surveys and have been involved in writing and editing five flagship reports for the World Economic Forum in Davos. I am also skilled in boiling down content into short-form prose or supporting materials, such as infographics, SlideShare or social post campaigns.

Whether you want to convey complexity or collaboration, words matter. And professional writing helps you differentiate to stand out from the crowd.


Here’s where I can help:


  • Thought leadership/research reports
  • Tier 1 media bylines
  • Blogs/points of view
  • Short form storytelling (infographics/SlideShare)
  • Social campaigns/posts
  • Web content
  • Video/speech scripts
  • Message house development

Specialized topics

  • Artificial intelligence/Generative AI
  • Business operations
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital technologies
  • Information technology
  • Supply chain
  • Sustainability


  • Banking
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Postal
  • Public Services
  • Retail
  • Software/Technology

I have a Diploma (Distinction) in proofreading and editing and an eagle eye for brand compliance according to a company’s style guide.


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