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"Working with Sarah on the production and marketing of a major global industry report has been a huge success-and a joy-thanks to Sarah's writing and marketing skills, unwavering professionalism and deep experience. Sarah cares about the people and the project success-and this makes the difference."
Donna Drysdale
"Sarah is an expert in her field and can always be relied upon to deliver work of the highest quality in a timely fashion. Innovation, integrity and hard work ensure that Sarah creates a working environment that is enjoyable and productive; a true professional. Working with Sarah is an enjoyable and rewarding experience."
Derek Masters
Managing Director, Sterling Software Inc.
"I cannot thank you enough for all your work, your support ... and keeping your sense of humour! Its always a pleasure collaborating with you on a project. I'm really grateful for your commitment and that you have consistently "got the job done", sometimes, against the odds."
Louise Preedy
Accenture Technology & Systems Integration
"Sarah has worked for me on a range of critical marketing projects over the last 10 years. From copywriting to event management, she is proactive and responsive, creative, and 100% dependable. She fits in as a dedicated member of the team with one goal in mind - the overall success of the project. I fully recommend Sarah's services to anyone wanting professional marketing support that will have impact."
Sally Anne Evans
Accenture Systems Integration Marketing
"I have worked with Virgo Marketing for the past 12 years and enjoyed fast, effective results. Sarah is highly skilled in marketing and an excellent project manager. She is reliable, friendly and versatile and has an easy fit with the rest of my team."
Sergio Clerici
Global Sourcing and Procurement Marketing, Accenture
"Delighted with the responsiveness, contribution and quality."
Paul Wyman
Managing Director, Spring IT Solutions
"Sarah is one of the most capable professionals with whom I've ever had the pleasure to work. She is an excellent copywriter with a deep understanding of a wide range of subjects, which she combines with highly efficient and personable project management. If you entrust a marketing project to Sarah, you can be sure that it will be delivered on time and on budget...and with a smile."
Richard Griffiths
former Director of Marketing & Communications, Human Capital & Diversity, Accenture
"There are many important things that we get from Virgo Marketing. In particular, there are four areas that are of vital importance and ensure that the decision that we made three years ago to work with Virgo is still valid today. These are an ability to totally understand our requirements, quality of copy, attention to detail and an undying responsiveness and commitment to fulfilling their obligations. In other words, they do exactly what they say they're going to do; a delivery mentality which we believe is critically important."
Andrew Howarth
Sales & Marketing Director, StoreTech Limited

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Whatever your views, the rapid growth of social or business networking sites indicates the desire to communicate is alive and well.

While new and emerging technologies mean spreading the word has never been easier, finding your share of voice amongst a babble of business benefits can be frustrating.

With a 25-year history of working with leading global companies, Virgo Marketing combines a full range of communications, creative and consultancy skills to raise your profile and realize results. Networked with an eclectic mix of experienced communications professionals, Virgo Marketing offers qualified help, whatever the size and scope of your project.